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"With Kate’s help, moving became a completely different experience for me.  Not only did she help me declutter before the move, but she also helped me plan how best to set up my new home in order to prevent more clutter, and shared strategies that would help to keep me more organised in the future. Working with Kate has completely changed the way that I view my space, and has had a huge impact on my day-to-day life and organisation.  It really has felt like a form of therapy!"


"I can’t recommend Clutter Therapy enough! Kate worked to organize our children’s play space. She was able to do this remotely through photos and video chats; the whole process was very smooth. She re-designed the space so that it is cozier and much more functional. The kids now have access to all the toys and are using them more. Putting things away is also much more intuitive. Even my 3-year old understands where things go and can help keep things in order! Best of all, this was all done with items we had in the home so this major improvement in our play space was both economical and sustainable."


"Kate is like a magical organization fairy who whisks in with her vision, compassion and big smile and zaps away unneeded clutter! Kate helped me downsize when I was moving into a small apartment. She had quite the task ahead of her, especially with my shopaholic tendencies evident in my closet, and many bins of ‘keepsakes’ that I hadn’t looked at in years. It was a therapeutic process of sorting and rethinking what I actually use and need in my present life, versus in the past or in an unrealistically aspirational future. Now that was a concept that freed me! I was also able to realize what items actually meant enough to me to keep, and what were just weighing me down. I didn’t even realize the weight that existed from all of the stuff I held onto and didn’t need, until Kate helped me lift it off. I felt so much lighter. Plus, the move was about 1000 times easier!!! You won’t regret getting in touch with Kate for some 'Clutter Therapy'. Thank you Kate!"


"Kate at Clutter Therapy organized the home office I share with my partner. Our office was a quick conversion to a spare room that was done out of necessity due to COVID and the move to working from home. Kate took the time to consider how we both used the office and was able to come up with a system that works for both our needs while also reducing the clutter in the room. She was able to turn this hasty conversion into a comfortable room that is a pleasure to work in."


"For too many years, indecision – to keep or not to keep – has been the barrier to having the living space I envisioned. Enter Kate and in just a few productive but painless sessions together we created the beautiful minimalist bedroom which I imagined. Now every morning I awake in a bright and cheerful room which nourishes my soul and reflects the promise of each new day. Thank you Kate from the bottom of my heart!"